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About Teacher Education in INDIA.

Teacher Education

India has a large number of teachers and needs many more. All processes of teacher recruitment, training, motivation, incetives, retention and feedback therefore have to be planned on a large scale. Further the ultimate gole of in-service teacher development should be to ensure that optimal learning takes place in the classrooms.

1) To enhance the institutional capacity available at present for ensuring the adequate supply of trained teachers for all levels of school education

2) To utilize all possible kinds of institutions, including university departments of education and teacher training institutions in the private sector, for in-service training of the existing cadre at all levels, in addition to State institutions, including CTEs;

3) To recognize teacher education (for all levels of school education,from pre-school to senior secondary) as a sector of higher education and to facilitate co-operation and collaboration between institutes of teacher training and colleges of general education or universities with a view to enabling interaction between different departments of a local college (or university) (e.g. sciences,languages, social sciences) and the institute of teacher training.

4) To envision a comprehensive model of teacher education, utilizing the Chattopadhayay Commission Report and updating its perspective, and ensuring that progress towards a new,comprehensive model is paralleled by necessary modifications in policies of teacher recruitment, deployment and serviceconditions,including emoluments

5) To prepare a curriculum policy and framework for teacher education which is consistent with the vision of the NCF, 2005,and to translate it into imaginative syllabi and textbooks for preservice courses and sets of in-service training material suited to diverse conditions and needs; and

6) To bring about synergy between institutional structures operating at different levels, e.g. NCERT and NCTE at national level, SCERTs and boards of education at State level, DIETs and undergraduate colleges at the district level and so on.